Saturday, August 6, 2011

Giant Baba

Well it is time for another blog! Yipeeeee! Everytime I almost forget about this turd of a blog it creeps back into my life. And who aided in the creeping this time? Why Metal Mikey of 'Action Attraction' fame! Seems Mikey and I were discussing something (porn, butts, ex-girlfriends... something) and somehow Giant Baba came up? I think it may have had to do with one of his girlfriends looking like Giant Baba but I am going on memory here. Anyway if you aren't familiar with the head of All-Japan Pro Wrestling and its biggest (literally) star than you should check him OOT!:

Baba was a former baseball player in Japan and he also was in a Jerry Lewis movie! You can't fucking beat that for a background. In his younger days he had some big time matches with Living Legend Bruno Sammartino:

The guy was huge and he had devestating chops that could take down a tree or a big muscled up Italian Strongman. Baba, always a hero in Japan, was a freak of nature. He had hands the size of catchers mitts and a head like a Pterodactyl. The Japanese fans loved him as he took on all comers. His matches against monsters like Abdullah the Butcher, Tiger Jeet Singh, Stan Hansen and Bruiser Brody were legendary. These matches were tantamount to Godzilla defending the homeland against some giant foreign menace. One such villain was The Sheik.

Baba though big and suffering from what appeared to be some kind of nerve damage that caused limited mobility in his arms was still a good worker. For a big man Baba knew how to sell. And when it came time he knew when to show fire and when to bring it. Though his style was limited because of his physicality Baba was not beyond throwing a nice drop kick or a running clothesline. And Baba was not afraid to get 'the juice'. Many of his matches against these evil villains saw Baba wearing 'The Crimson Mask'.

Baba was also The Batman to All Japan Pro Wrestlings Robin Jumbo Tsuruta. These two tag teamed for years and took on every team to come to All Japan. Their matches with the dominant heel tag team of the time Bruiser Brody and Stan Hansen are still legendary:

Baba later in his career was still head of and owner of All Japan Pro Wrestling but he eventually started taking a back seat in the ring to Jumbo. He often was found in feel good attraction matches where he would team with old foes like Abdullah the Butcher or Andre the Giant. At this time these wrestlers were pretty much over the hill but it was a nice way to give the fans a bit of nostalgia and for these older wrestlers to get one more chance in the spotlight.:

Giant Baba died of cancer January 31, 1999 at the age of 61. He left a lasting legacy that will never be forgotten in pro wrestling.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Killer Karl Krupp

Look, I haven't been on this son of a bisch in ages. I even forgot about it. But then somebody said, "Hey Zom, f*ckface, what about the blog. Well people I gotta tell ya I haven't been watching much rassilin' lately cause it sucks so bad these days that I am hanging on my my fingernails with my interest going to shitty dick turdville daddy-O.

Anyway, if it wasn't for Youtube I'd probably have screwed the pooch by now. I was watching some clips the other day and I cam across Killer Karl Krupp. Now Killer Karl Krupp was a Nazi rassler who had a monicle, f*cked up teeth and a shaved head. He looked like a cross between Otto Skorzeny and Metal Mikey.

Krupp wrestled all over and goose stepped all over pussy boy babyfaces. He had a brain claw and that saw him matching his claw against Fritz Von Erichs 'Iron Claw' and the 'I took too many soma's' Claw of his boys. Krupp also spent a lot of time in The Maritimes promotion up somewhere above America known as Candada(?). He had a big time feud with The Beast who's family owned the territory. Guess who won the blow off of that feud everytime.

I really got to where I despised The Von Erich boys at least until they all died. So anytime somebody could smack the shit out of them I was happy.

I only wish that he would have squeeze Bronco Lubich and Fritz's nuts off. One of my favorite matches with KKK (Killer Karl Krupp and not Killer Karl Kox or The Ku Klux Klan) was Krupp vs Antonio Inoki. With all the pomp and circumstance of New Japan before the match it was cool to see Krupp when introduced raise his boot in a goosestepping motion to see 'INOKI' painted on the bottom of his jackboot! Just awesome.

Anyway, I wish Killer Karl Krupp was still wrestling today only so I could see him slap the claw on the ginorous ass of Nicole 'Coco' Austin. And then kick Ice-T in his fat gut and pin him with a knee to the throat all the while maintaining the claw on Coco's fat ass. 'nuff said.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dennis Coralluzo

Was just watching the late Dennis Coralluzo do an interview. What a unique individual. He was part carney, part gangster, part bullshitter and part loyal friend and heel ribber. Dennis fought many 'wars' against other indie promoters in the north east for years. He used his special brand of pulling pranks and harassment to play havok with opposing promoters shows and with wrestlers and 'smartmarks'. Dennis was the kind of guy that you either loved or you hated. But make no mistake he was somebody that you would have an opinion about one way or the other.

Dennis was a member of the National Wrestling Alliance during the end of its heyday and thru its downslide from national promotion to a collective or indie promoters running gym and bingo hall shows with a handful of has beens and never was beens. But of this group Dennis stood out. One reason was that he had good business sense and didn't over extend himself promising big money to veterans at the expense of the show making money like so many did. Dennis also knew the business and that not all veterans and big names meant drawing money in the north east.

This guy is hilarious to listen to with all his b.s., hot air and stories of the past. We lost Dennis way to soon and I think, though some may disagree, we lost a big asset to 'the business' and also the kind of guy that is needed in the future to
make wrestling what it was and what it should be.

R.I.P. Dennis Coralluzo

Monday, June 7, 2010

I haven't been watching any new wrestling and haven't for years. What they put out today sucks ass. WWE is the only big game in town and they do everything the WWE way and make assholes after of everybody. HHH along with his fat wife and Sean Michaels run the show. I turned it on for a few minutes the other day and Jack Swiger actually had a hold on somebody down on the mat and was working it. I almost pissed my pants.

TNA is the worst shit I have ever seen that had that much money behind it and that much TV exposure. What a bunch of shit. Old farts who can't do shit and young morons who don't have a clue. OH but they do have the wunderkind AJ Styles who I have heard for 10 years is the greatest talent ever to put on wrestling tights. The fucker can't talk, he looks like Bob Backlund if Backlund was a gymnast instead of a rassler. This douche can do amazing matrix shit but guess what that doesn't mean shit and not of his bullshit means shit cause he does it so much and it is so unblievable.

The Dudleys: I watched these guys the other day in a 6 man and it was pathetic. They are fat, old and they are so washed up it is unbelievable.

Perenial jerkoffs Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman have brought their tired as cool kid act (what are they 55?) to this shit swamp. Hulk Hogan is there with hips of a 90 year old and a knee of a 91 year old. And last but not least they have Vince Russo who must give Jeff Jarrett and Bob Carter the best blowjobs in the history of man cause this fucker sure as hell is a total failure but they keep on squeeziing the puss, shit and garbage out of him.

Anyway, just so I really sound like an old timer "wrestling today SUCKS!"

I Hate HHH

I fucking hate HHH.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Jerry Lawlers Balls

Found myself recently in the possession of a DVD that documented the entire Jerry Lawler vs Austin Idol and Tommy Rich feud. This was a great DVD cause it not only showed the big matches in the feud but also the angles and interviews. So Zom will try to tell you about how Jerry 'The King' Lawler lost one of his balls in blog format. Seems Jerry, The King of Memphis and resident young girl molestor, was going to get a shot at The A.W.A World Heavyweight Champion Tricky Nicky Bockwinkel. Well about this time Tommy 'Wildfire' or in his words 'WILDFAR' Rich was returning to Memphis. Tommy the southern cornbread (again in his words) boy was told by Eddie Marlin that he would get the shot at the verbose Bockwinkel. Well, Tommy was a little irked (do country boys get irked? No? Well Tommy was pissed).

At the same time the handsome 'Universal Heart Throb' Austin Idol was in the territory and was a big babyface (good guy) too. Well he was kind of mad too cause 'The King' seemed to always get the title shots even though others held the regions titles. Well anyway, this angle built slowly with both 'WildFAR' and Idol cutting babyface interviews but throwing in that they were a little 'irked' about the title situation.

Now in todays WWE/TNA shitfest they would have done the angle on one show and blew it off on another. This went on for weeks with the slow burn. Then finally 'King' Jerry got his match. Tommy was at ringside and when Bock was trying some underhanded moves Tommy got on the apron to tell the ref "hey fucker 'Wildfar' saw Bockwinkel pullin' some sheeee-it'. At that time Nicky whipped Jerry into the ropes and The King and Tommy collided. Sure it was an accident... or was it! Later when 'Bannana Nose' Lance Russell and Dave Brown were commentating the clip they showed in slow mo that Tommy had raised his elbow and actually clunked The King about the noggin and Bockwinkel got the pin. Then... IT WAS ON. Jerry did the same thing to Rich and cost him a match next thing you knew the two were hated rivals.

Idol got thrown into the mix and the two dastardly blondes made it their personal mission to fuck with Lawler. The interviews were great with the classy muscleman Idol spouting his hatred for Lawler followed by the maniacal rants of redneck Rich ("did somebody say somethin' 'bout gettin' CRAZY?"). It all came to an end for Jerry 'The Kings' royal testicle when he was facing one of the dastardly duo and the two jumped on Jerry and then each grabbed a leg and pulled 'The King' junk first into the ringpost. Lawler was out for an undetermined time and his ball was out forever.

Many interviews were cut about 'The King' being "half a man". And when 'The King' returned he wanted vengeance... and balls! Rich's balls! Idols BALLS! And he wanted them balls pronto. So Jerry aquired the services of one Bam Bam Bigelow 'The Beast of the East'. The 400+ pound mad man with the flaming skull tattoo was a genuine monster. Finally he and Lawler got Idol and Rich in a tag No DQ match and what they did to Tommy Rich was just brutal. Rich's cock and balls took more blows than Rocco Siffredi, Peter North or Randy Spears (Ughhhhhhh!)together. And Rich ended up becoming 'Half a Man' too. There was much much more but Doctor Zom will have to save the rest for later cause this shit is giving me carpal tunnel!!! Zom OOT!

Monday, April 26, 2010

John Nord

One guy that wasn't my favorite or anybody that I really took that much notice of was the Bruiser Brody Light or wannabe clone John Nord. Now don't get me wrong when Nord was tagging with Jake 'The Snake' Roberts in Mid South I thought he was pretty cool.

I really didn't mind the WWF's version of Nord who was dubbed as 'The Bezerker'. I liked the Viking outfit and gimmick. I thought they could have done a lot more with him but they made the mistake of letting him do his own interviews and he just didn't have it on the mic. He could talk but he didn't come off as menacing.

Even when Nord was morphed into Yukon John Nord I thought he was pretty funny. But even then he was upstaged by the stupid gimmick given his partner by Verne Gagne 'Flapjack' Scott Norton the barrel chested lumberjack who could eat more pancakes than anybody.

But the one gimmick that Nord had where he was really successful was as Bruiser Brody's tag partner. Now Nord was good size, had curly hair and a beard and wore Brody like boots but he was not near the legend Brody was and the fact that he barked and basically did his own verion of Brody's gimmick turned me off. Still the two of them (Brody and Nord 'The Barbarian') had a good steel cage match in the A.W.A. with Jimmy 'Superfly' Snuka (one of Brody's tag partners from Japan) and the caucasian Gumby of pro wrestling Greg Gagne.

Nords last run was in W.C.W. where he was hired to work in Eric Jerkoff Land. Nord was still solid, still big and still just lacking something. But when I really started liking Nord is when I watched his shoot interview. The guy is funny as hell and it is probably that funniness or jovial kind of personality that just didn't make him a good badass when they made him talk and even when he worked and was making goofy faces in the ring. Still Nord outside the ring is a true character. Catch his shoot. He is very entertaining.